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Highlights of the Year 2019 – Recognising achievement

Upscaling of Digital Access Points having 11 bases of operation running during the academic year extending offer of free technology skills training across different neighbourhoods with the Leeds city area.

“The challenge of working with new community partners together to achieve sustainability used considerable resources with the support of volunteer participation this year GTT has learnt valuable lessons in develop stakeholder relationships in setting up successful projects.”

Leodis Grid a popular Digital Access Point and part of the Online Centres Network

GTT’s contribution is recognised by Leeds City Council by winning an award to develop projects in priority neighbourhoods.

“GTT Digital Access Points have proved to be an effective gateway for students and volunteers to participate and learn.”

Development of Microsoft Sharepoint a challenge for everyone to learn new skills.

GTT developed work skills development of volunteers by creating new roles within the organisation to meet the demands of new projects, Volunteers developed a virtual office to manage student data across different locations.”

The GTT Lab is moving on and it is the end of an era at the Beeston Skills Hub.

Staff from Canopy Housing collecting refurbished netbooks from the GTT Lab

“The School of Metal Bashers developed a new way for students and volunteers to be involved by working on computer repairs and revitalising old technology modern ideas. Volunteers and students being given real work assignments to set up either office or community space computer network.”

Significant contribution to help older people get online.

“Over 60% of students are over the age of 50, have any opportunity in their working lives to use technology or have skills are obsolete. GTT responded to the needs of this group by securing funding from the Leeds Community Foundation to expand its offer to this demographic. Volunteer and tutors work hard together to form teams that are responsive to local needs.”

Improving links with Online Centre Network and the Good Things Foundation, upgrading equipment and looking towards the future by investing in voice activation and smart home technology.

“Investing to maintain community relevance to community needs is becoming more important has population demographic increases in age and adaptive interfacing is more widely available.”

Annual Progress and Achievement Reports

Download our annual achievement report by Calendar Years:

2018 Annual Report (PDF Format)

2017 Annual Report (Word Format)

2016 Annual Report (Word Format)

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