GTT develops local partnerships to bring people and equipment together in one place to allow everyone to participate and learn with technology. Accessing suitable places can mean media training rooms, but can also be pop up workshops using mobile WiFi in local community centres.

Leeds enjoys 4G WiFi capability which gives learners an enjoyable response even when many students are connecting to different websites.


GTT has built up considerable experience of delivering engaging digital inclusion training it is now ready to offer a series of training modules that can be run in a variety community contexts has been produced. Using all types of technology, not just The Windows PC or Laptop, but include, Digital Cameras, Tablets, Smart Phones, Apple Mac computers, experiment with Linux and Raspberry PI Computers.

Technology is always changing and we all struggle to keep up, our courses break down the barriers common technological task and problems.


GTT is a learning organisation working with people and organisations that are prepared to invest in themselves to meet this challenge. GTT aim to enable people to set and achieve their own goals and ambitions with technology.

Contact for more information on setting up a course in your neighbourhood, (Community centre can ask for a free course viability assessment).

GTT aims to innovate by working with inspirational people, supportive partnerships and fun resource to help people participate, learn and achieve.