Get Technology Together (GTT) is a legacy project developed in 2014 with the support of the national Citizens Online and Leeds City Council. The Citizen Online project engaged with 1550 citizens across Leeds utilising inspirational a combination paid and volunteer trainers and technicians offering basic technology skills in a variety of different contexts.

Since the legacy organisation’s launch, GTT has partnered with St. Vincent’s Support in Leeds. GTT have been provided tutors, learning assistants and resources to provide a regular weekly class for the duration of Spring Term. St. Vincent’s Support hosted the event in their computer media suite so that students were able to follow demonstrations on a fully interactive smart board.

As well as the classroom setting, pop-up workshops have been held using mobile WiFi Hotspot. GTT has sourced Laptops and Tablets to create exciting hands on workshops in the community.

 GTT is continuing to develop local partnership to help individuals and organisations break down the barriers that prevent people getting the maximum benefit from their technology. If you are interested in developing partnerships with to work together to increase technology awareness and competence please contact

We are supported by the Big Lottery hi_big_e_min_blue

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