Fantastic Christmas Dinner today at The Digital Skills HUB

With the GTT Crew 🙂


We are ready to rumble on Fridays at the GTT LAB!

Everyone is welcome to come to play and explore with computers and technology in general. 

You could learn about hardware and software but also how to build and programme your own computer. 

Our 3 main activities on Fridays are The GTT LAB, GTT Digital Access Point and the School of Metal Bashers. 

Let us know which one interest you the most and get registered now by our website. 

The GTT LAB is now open..

…Every Friday from 10am to 3pm for anyone and everyone to experiment and learn from technology with the support of an amazing team of passionate volunteers. Pop in to Participate, learn, Achieve and Innovate while having lots of fun 🙂

Lloyds Bank & Google 

Interesting workshop today discussing business online presence and future opportunity. Presentation from Google showing benefits of the #DigitalGarage programme online and locally in Sheffield. 

Improving your photography course

A great day at Batley Library at the Improve your Photography Course, this week looking at how to light your subject and local architecture around the library building itself. Big thanks to the staff who look after us while we are there. Next week is the last session, we will be diving head first into the world of Cameras and the Computer, how to improve your images with the available tools…all free of course.batley Lib

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