Beautiful Sunny Monday Morning at St Luke’s Church

Where everyone is welcome to learn and develop their technological skills supported by


Leodis Grid

Learning how to use computers at Leodis Grid today, practising email, setting up WiFi hotspots and looking famous people on the internet.

Surprise visitor from the University meeting our excellent volunteers discussing machine learning, proxy servers, data and VPN.

Would you like to learn how to use WordPress?

Tomorrow at the GTT LAB we’ll be learning How to Use WordPress from 11:00am to Midday.

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners [2018]

00:00 | Introduction
01:30 | What is WordPress?
03:23 | How to install WordPress
13:00 | Overview of the WordPress dashboard
17:10 | Understanding the WordPress settings
22:52 | How to create and manage users in WordPress
26:34 | How to amend the appearance of a WordPress website or blog
29:00 | How to add additional functionality,
and 30:07 | How to create and manage content in WordPress 44:56 | Summary & resources


Fantastic tutorial.

After that, we’ll have a break and then Metal Bashers.

See you at The GTT Lab

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