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New community Digital Access Points opening September 2018

Digital Access Points

GTT is please to be opening 4 new digital access points in Drighlington, Morley, Rothwell and Robin Hood through a funding partnership between with Leeds City Council, Housing Leeds, and Leeds Community Foundation.

Digital Access Point locations are now offering iPad, Android Device and Windows Computer support at all locations with the support Leeds Libraries Digital Citizens scheme and Learn My Way resource provide by the Online Centres Network.

It is free to register at any of the GTT Digital Access Points. CLICK links below download PDF information leafets.

Digital Access Northfield (near Robin Hood) – every Tuesday morning (opening soon).

Digial Access Newlands (near Morley) – every Wednesday morning

Digital Access Drighlington – every Thursday morning

Digital Access Temple Lawn (near Rothwell) – every Friday morning

DASH Reopens February 2018 thanks to local Councillors’ support

DASH reopens Monday 26th February 2018 at St. Luke’s Church, Malvern Road, Holbeck LS11 8PD in the TechSmart computer suite within the Church. It is free to drop-in and register, there are 6 computers, printing facilities and WiFi access too.


Leodis Grid – 1 Year Old

The Leodis Grid has reached its first birthday, it has been one year since the project opened its doors to the public for free digital access and one-to-one volunteer support.


Leeds City Council set up a computer suite with 10 PCs and networked laser black and white printer in the Lincoln Green Community Centre some years ago. The centre was frequently not used. GTT saw the potential to develop more interest in community centre and learn digital skills. Leodis Grid is a partnership with the Leodis Community Project who provide a week lunch club for many local residents that are isolated or vulnerable. The project started with funded by Leeds City Council by local ward Councillors of the Inner East Committee and the panel members of the Inner East Housing Advisory Panel.

GTT manage the computer suite every Wednesday to coincide with the lunch club. Attendees at the lunch club have an easy way of getting to learn about computers by popping in, those attending for computer learning have the option of joining the lunch club and socialising with neighbours.

During this time we have had 48 people registered with the project. Lincoln Green being the place it is attracts people from all over the world as well as those that might have been born in Leeds a few streets away. Using technology and eating together is a great way to meet new people, learn, share knowledge and experience.

If you don’t know the area you may have past it on the way to the St. James Hospital if you have been to Leeds. The Community Centre is at the back of a small courtyard of shops located near the hospital. This year the project joined the great digital map of Britain and is recognised as part of the Online Centres Network offer digital courses from the Good Things Foundation.

GTT aim to provide to create a comfortable friendly atmosphere where volunteers can learn and share their skills with the local community. This year the project has been supported by Lottery Grant to continue. This year the project is concentrating on volunteer development programme running every Tuesday during the normal school term.




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