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Focus on Getting technology together starts with the individual, the needs, wants, sessions aim to build confidence in participating so that individuals can learn. We aim to inspire and show technology’s potential and encourage participants to experiment with it.

Support to participate, providing a study space, motivational training, one-to-one guidance, self learning, and working with other students with additional support whether language, learning difficulties or whatever. GTT aims high to help.

Open door policy to education is an important principle. Any one enrolling in the Academy must abide by its published rules, such as respect, safety, equipment use.

Above all be inspired, play experiment and have fun in a safe environment.


The human interfaces between humans and its technologies has changed over time, with a rapid

development over the latter part of the 20th Century and into the new millennium.

Humans continually adapt to cope, the rate of change with information technology is very rapid. Building resilience being able to crowd source and use technology to find solutions play a more important part of assimilating data, making decisions, and assessing status.

Finding the right interface for the individual and their needs is part of the learning process as well as the student being able to experiment and develop muscle memory to help them become more familiar with the controls; touch screen, keyboard, mouse or whatever.

Encouraging individuals to develop approaches to problem solving by using the power of technology. Learners are encouraged and supported to keep a personal journal of their studies at each session, workshop or drop-in attended.

The journal provides a useful tool for learners to help with homework assignments or be used for tutors to monitor progress, provide guidance or further support.

In communities there is a political dimension to the use of technology and access. Ideally there should be open access to technology in the public domain for education purposes, but we do live in the real world, GTT takes a positive approach to encouraging students to think about how technology can be used to influence political change and encourage debate.


Directors/Committee of GTT lead the Academy and recognise achievement.

Achievements are recognised: Course participation and verified milestones are measured.

Volunteer achievements are recognised: Participation and achievements. Participant and peer feedback, partner recognition provide evidence.

Certification, and recognition events timed to fit around a normal academic year, following this calendar. Project and achievement nominations requested each year to form the basis of the recognition event.

Passionate technicians are recruited to act as directors/committee of GTT with support from partners and volunteers working together the Academy can flourish. Accreditation and external recognition have their place in learning. GTT is starting enrolment at a very practical level, before students have considered accreditation. Milestone of achievement are practical applications that useful and sustainable for the learner. Creativity, skill, and person centred approach is required

and it is a discipline that informs Academy practice at all levels.


GTT wants to aim high and the sky is the limit. Any projects or individuals can be nominated by GTT for an award for innovation as the Academy develops and opportunities become available.


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