A Photography Course for Group and Activity Leaders


This is a course designed for group leaders who need to produce good quality photographs for a variety of reasons, eg, funder reports, social media, publicity leaflets. It caters for both the dedicated digital camera user and also the now more popular Smartphone Camera user, including iPads and Tablets.


Know your device and equipment, including essential maintenance, photograph resolutions, photograph formats and storage methods


Understand composition and how it makes for a better photograph with Groups of people, portraits, table top and movement / sports activity


How to effectively light your subject using different lighting techniques and light sources


How to edit, enhance and retouch your work both on the computer and smartphone

Backing up:

How to back up your work both locally and to the cloud

Sharing your work:

How to enbed your work into reports, documents and leaflets (ie WORD), post on Social Media, Web sites, WhatsApp, Messenger, Email and how to transfer large files

Learning Methods:

This is a blended learning course with tutor talks and demonstrations, practical sessions, web research. There is a Certificate of Attendance for those who complete the whole course.


4 hours  or 2 x 2 hrs

Cost is £400 for up to 10 delegates

(Depends on venue and lunch costs)Enquiries: 07754 391490