Never to late to wish everyone Happy New Year

It seems a while ago now, but before Christmas I popped into the Richmond Hill Community Centre, to take part in their GTT session.

I found an invaluable community resource helping people to brush up their digital skills, build confidence, meet others and participate in a learning environment.
People came along with different abilities and needs, yet it all seemed to work, and everyone got something from the session.

One person was in the process of learning to video call his overseas relatives using Skype. Another to navigate a new Smartphone and to use text messenger (SMS) for the very first time! More experienced users came along for help with specific issues.

While the session was led by an experienced facilitator what was also evident was the level of informal Peer Support. People with more experience were helping those with less. This is great as it can be empowering for both the learner and the helper.

Feel free to come along to the new drop-in sessions starting running every Monday from 11am to 1pm. Everyone is welcome at the Richmond Hill Community Centre, Long Close Lane, Leeds, LS9 8NP

Article written by GTT Volunteer, Vicky.

Music and Live Recording Night @DASH

Thursday 4th August 2016
7:30 pm to 9:30pm
Hosted by Get Technology Together (GTT) and entertainment provided by local the amazing singer and song writer Martin Brennan.
“Martin will share his music and be recorded and filmed in front of a live audience” Participate!

Vic Berry from GTT will host an interactive demonstration of basic recording using a free Open Source Program easily available on the Internet. Learn how to be a recording engineer with everyday technology. Find out how you can turn your computer into a recording studio using a microphone and free software. An entertaining and educational event not to be missed.

@Digital Access Holbeck, Music and Live Recording Night
Holbeck Community Centre Hosted by Get Technology Together (GTT)

Evening Programme Thursday 4th August 2016 7:30 pm to 9:30pm

Refreshments will be available throughout the night between each programme item – soft drinks and nibbles.
7:30 pm     Registration & exhibition
Get Technology Together Academy Digital Skills Training.
8:00pm     Introduction from Host Vic Berry from Get Technology
Being a sound engineer using everyday technology.
8:30 pm     Music and Songs from local performer Martin Brennen.
9:00 pm     Introduction to post recording techniques with Vic Berry.
9:30pm     Event feedback and close.
For more information or feedback about this event visit our website WWW.GTT.ORG.UK
Digital Access Holbeck, Holbeck Community Centre, 90A Elland Road, Leeds, LS10 0AB.

For more details about the exhibition, music and recording see our @GTT.ORG.UK FaceBook Page.