Steve Thompson

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Steve is Yorkshire born and bred and spent his early years in South Leeds. His first job in 1973 was at Post Office Telecomunications (now known as BT) as an apprentice.

While at BT, Steve was fortunate enough to be sponsored to attend Leeds Poly (now known as Leeds Beckett Uni) and holds an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering (B.Eng) and is a Fellow of the IET (used to be known as the IEE)  and is Chartered Electrical Engineer (C.Eng), Level 3 Certificate in Teaching & Education and Internal Quality Auditor qualification. While at B.T., Steve worked in the field of Radio & TV, gaining expertise in Telephony Systems, Broadcast & Satellite TV, Mobile Radio and Microwave Radio Transmission, mostly in Yorkshire, but including some time as a Tutor at the BT Training Centre in Oxfordshire. It was during this time that Steve also worked evenings part-time for Joseph Prestley College (now known as Leeds City College) teaching classes on various IT and computer subjects, including DOS, early Windows and pre MS Office applications. (& the good old BBC ‘B’ Computer)

After leaving BT in 1994, Steve worked at Yorkshire Cable and various other iterations until it eventually become Virginmedia on the Network both as an Engineer and Manager, eventually leaving his role as Senior Analysis Manager in 2013 to work as a self employed I.T. Training Consultant. His clients have been wide and varied, from Local Authorities, local charitable groups and the BT sponsored charity ‘Citizens-on-Line’ teaching I.T. on the GET IT TOGETHER  Project. He is also now a Director of Ace Mobile Limited which under the name of Ace Digital provides a range of digital learning and image processing services for individuals and businesses alike.

Also during his career, Steve has been also active in many other ways and voluntary roles; running the Yorkshire B.T. Squash Team, Stock Car Racing, Amateur Radio (Callsign G4RCH), Film Making, Photography and  organising Hunslet Festival & Gala each year.

Steve has a personal profile page at where links to his various social media accounts are including a blog called ‘Yorks phone guy-the early years’



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