The School of Metal Bashers project will train individuals to repair and repurpose technology donations for redistribution within the community. Participation in the learning programme will help develop technical, specialist language used in the technology sectors as well help improve basic English and communication skills that are embedded into the course.

GTT will provide training initially via online interactive sessions with email and phone support. The School will be working with various organizations and community centers to help distribute hardware kits to students and volunteers.

The training would help bring redundant technology back into use for people that were digitally excluded from getting online because of costs, lack of skills and individual confidence. Whilst educating and empowering marginalised groups and individuals the project will also help to prevent waste through the repurposing and repair of redundant hardware which can then be given to those who need it the most – reducing digital exclusion at a time when it has become an even more significant problem for many of the most disadvantaged in society.

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The project will nurture integration and community cohesion by people working together with a common purpose either as a student or volunteer irrespective of racial background, faith, gender, age, disability, or sexuality. The project is being supported by Wesleyan Fund initiative and contribute to the key priorities helping individuals “Get on, Get Along and Get involved”.

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