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Digital Access Points

Digital Access Points

Digital Access Points are community spaces that are part of the UK Online Centres Network where local people can access vital online services, get access to online courses or find out signposts into other education. Everyone has an opportunity to build confidence and skills using technology within their local neighbourhood.

Digital Access Points provide easy or access, familiarity and an opportunity to build up trust and confidence in the support and guidance offered by tutors and volunteers.

GTT Academy

nwcc project planning

“Get Technology Together works with a range of community partners, tutors, volunteers and students to create an academy to facilitate participation, learning, achievement and innovation.”


The GTT Lab was based at the Beeston Skills Hub the project is being relocated and will be opening in 2020. Projects included School of Metal Bashers, Electrical testing and training services. In 2020 GTT will be seeking funding partners to develop a Raspberry Pi programme enterprise project and develop a Smart Home demonstration materials.

Get Technology Together is a Community Interest Company registered in the UK and part of the UK Online Centres Network, thanks to our community partners, donations and grants we make these spaces open for the public to use to participate and learn about technology.


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