GTT Academy

Why is it important to learn how to use technology?

Access to technology and digital skills are key functional skills in society. Life opportunities and choices are enhanced using digital technology. Information is power. Today we use technology for everything; communication, shopping, banking and entertainment are just a few examples.

Academy principles

The GTT academy is built on the principle of getting everyone to participate and work together. When individuals get involved and participate they can start to learn.
The GTT Academy is committed to recognising learners achievement. The principles of the Academy aims to embed this principle throughout everyone’s journey with GTT by continuous assessment and review of individual progress.

Accepting the invitation to participate

Everyone involved in the GTT Academy is considered has a student whether this is enrolling and studying an Academy Module, working as a Volunteer or using a Digital Access Point. All students are informally assessed to ascertain the knowledge and skills level to help set learning objectives and training needs.

Learners are encouraged to set their own goals. GTT wants students to aim high by experimenting and having fun by participating and learning. GTT encourages students to acknowledge their own achievements and aims to nurture their creativity and innovation.

GTT Academy Curriculum – Course Modules:

  • M1 Module – “Introduction to Technology and Basic Computer Skills”
  • M2 Module – “Using Technology to Communicate”
  • M3 Module – “Using Technology to be productive”
  • M4 Module – “Essential Technology Life Skills”
  • M5 Module – “Digital marketing for starting a business”
  • M6 Module – “Creating publicity using everyday technology”
  • M7 Module – “Introduction to building and managing a website”
  • M8 Module – “Creating a simple Online Shop”
  • M9 Module – “Digital Photography for online selling and Small Businesses”

For more information see our Calendar for Events on the Home Page.



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