We had a very interesting and informative chat about technology today at the Northfield Community Centre in Rothwell.

A big thanks to everyone and see you next week.


GET TECHNOLOGY TOGETHER @Northfield Community Centre every Tuesday from 9:30am to 12:30 noon

Fantastic facilities to relax and learning about Technology.

Pop in and have a cup of tea while you learn what you need to, to handle today’s Technology.

GET your place NOW!

By contacting GTT by a private message, text or a quick call. Also, if you’re in the Northfield area, just give a call to Beverly Smith at the Northfield Community Centre on 07891274478.

See you there on Tuesdays.

New Online Centres and Resources at GTT

GTT are proud to have set up new community partnerships in Leeds to bring more opportunities for people to get involved and learn new online skills. Working closely with Leeds City Council to help citizens become digitally savvy. New locations are opening offering more support both one to one with online resources too.

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