September to December 2021

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Looking for work? Refresh or Learn a new Technical skill?

Learn about Computers, Internet or Cyber Security?

Need help with your devices?

FREE Online Digital Access Point (Wed 10am Jan/Dec 2021)

This is an open session for everyone. Its aim is to provide free online help and support to individuals with all sorts of every day technological issues with their devices. Like operating systems and applications.

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Need to improve your Microsoft Office Skills?

Need to improve your Microsoft Office Skills?

FREE SI4S Microsoft Office Package Registration (Wed 2pm – Jan/Dec 2021)

This course includes all about Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2016, Outlook and Online Storage.

This is for individuals that need to improve their Microsoft Office Products skills for work or their own individual needs.

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Looking for Work or Career Change?

FREE SI4S Electronics Registration (Wed 7pm & Friday 1pm – Jan/Dec 2021)

This course is a 12-weeks FREE Course for unemployed individuals, who want to learn about Electronics, Operating Systems, Programming, Networking, PAT Testing and Cyber Security to find a job or as career change.

These sessions require lots of practice and experimentation in your own time, and where development journals are essential.

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Would you like to increase your confidence with Technology?

FREE SI4S Introduction to Technology Registration (Wed 11am – Jan/Dec 2021)

This is a course, where we talk about what computers are, how do they work and how to use them safely on a daily basics.

Also, about the Basics of the internet, online accounts, applications, privacy and safety.

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Interested in Building, Repairing or Troubleshooting Computers?

FREE Wesleyan Metal Bashers Registration (Wed 2pm – Jul/Dec 2021)

This is a course for individuals who would like to learn how to build, troubleshoot or repair their own or other people’s computers.

Also, for those who would like to have a career change into this Industry.

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Concern about Cybersecurity? Would you like to learn how to prevent your computer, laptop or phone from been hack?

FREE Cybercrime Prevention Registration (1st Wed 7pm – Jan/Dec 2021)

GTT would like you to participate in exploring cybercrime threats and develop affordable strategies to help you and your family to stay safe online.

Get Technology Together has launched a “Cybercrime Prevention Session” to help people comprehend the real threats that citizens experience living an online life today.

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For more information, please visit our website at email us at or give us a call on 07754391498

You will need a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) with a microphone, web camera, speakers or headphones. Zoom App, Willingness to Learn and Patience with Yourself and Others.