Douglas Villegas

Doug profile

Douglas is an international inspirational speaker and motivational coach, with a passion for practical technology and multimedia for the community.

Chair of GTT – Get Technology Together (, which is the legacy project of the BT ( and Government initial in a National project called “Get IT Together” ( to integrate the digitally excluded of our communities.

A reliable and trustworthy person with good working ethics and values, that has dedicated more than 20 years helping, teaching, mentoring and motivating individuals, communities and organizations from many cultures and ethnic backgrounds throughout his international voluntary and professional career.

This has given him the opportunity to work within many different environments with a great variety of people at various levels of society, which has help greatly in his personal development and communication skills. Therefore, the development of the people and industries that has been involved with or been part of.

Very professional, passionate and determined person who has what it takes to reach any honorable objective with the best of his abilities, who likes to bring value and contribute positively to the development of individuals, families, communities, business and/or organizations.

Open minded, understanding and adaptable person, with good communication and management skills, able to deal with challenges, learn from them and move on with a positive and optimistic attitude.

GTT is working in junction with government and community organizations, like the DWP Department of Work and Pensions, LCC Leeds City Council, local Council authorities, Community Centers and the Voluntary Sector in the city of Leeds UK, generating a return of £3.70 for every £1 invested with a social value of over £1000 per learner, by teaching the benefits and advantages of technology to the digitally excluded in our society, making a positive impact in many people’s life’s and the economy.

“My passion for personal and community development, has taken me into an amazing journey, that has helped me to improve mine and other people’s behaviors, skills and life styles with great success, using the magnificent tools of honesty, education, fairness and hard work.” Douglas Villegas


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