Electrical Safety Course at GTT LAB

Tutor and students at the graduation ceremony of the ‘Electrical Safety for Managers & Users’ Course held at the GTT LAB within the Skills Hub, Gipsy Lane, Beeston. The course has been designed for use by any organisation to enable managers to know and understand their responsibilities and for users to know how to identify safety issues with electrical appliances prior to use.  As a commitment to safety, GTT have made this a mandatory requirement for all users of the LAB. This course is equally suitable and available to be delivered by GTT to any organisation, community or otherwise along with a more in-depth course to train a ‘competent person’ which includes PAT Testing.

Social Media News (Facebook & Whatsapp)

We have come across some short articles published by the BBC which may be of interest:

Firstly ‘Whatsapp’ used to levy a small charge per year for its services, but they have announced that it will be totally free and without any adverts. Take a look via the link


Secondly here are a couple of items about Facebook, namely about BLOCKING someone. Have a read via the link:


How Secure Are Your Passwords?

Each time you register with a new shopping site or email or newsletter or bank, you have to give some user name (can be your email or a bespoke made up name), plus you need a password.  The site usually has some rules on how this password is made up. 

All now are saying at least 8 characters, some with upper case, and/or numbers/ and or symbols. However, as the interview on the video suggests even these 8 character password are easy to crack by a auto program running on a computer.

So watch the video and as the question….‘are my passwords good enough’, take the advice and change it….let me know what you think in the comments….thanks to my colleague Vic for searching out this video clip…..