2018-2019 a Very Successful Year at Northfield Community Center

Today GTT and Northfield Community celebrate a very successful Year, helping the Community Center user to be more confident with their Technology.

A year in which, we have been able to impart Technological and practical knowledge to the community users, to help the connect, communicate and safe money online.

From the Northfield Community Center, we would like to say a big thank you to all who helped and contributed for this project to become a reality.

A Thank you to Steve Thompson from a student

I found Steve and the team to be friendly and very helpful. No problem explaining things over again – even if I went another time with the same question.
I was helped with the following:
· To reduce junk by downloading CCleaner
· How to go ‘incognito
· Obtaining insurance online
· Using a WiFi mouse
· Uninstall programs
· Help with Skype;
· Updating windows 10
I am sure I have missed some of the things with which I’ve needed help. It is good to know there is somewhere to go for advice.

Cheryll Pidd