Our Work 

Annual Progress Report 2017


Becoming a Community Interest Company

GTT is now registered as a Community Interest Company incorporated February 2017. GTT volunteers commissioned the help of Voluntary Action Leeds to provide support in developing the appropriate incorporated legal framework for the organisation to grow and develop.

The formation of the new company has provided an opportunity to review policy and governance arrangements and ensure that the organisation’s values and aims drive our community interest statement and mission.

GTT is thankful to the continued support of the New Wortley Community Centre for providing a Registered Office address for the organisation to get started.

Digital Access Points are on the map with the Online Centres Network

Building on the experience gained in delivering the DASH project, GTT opened two new digital access points this year:

  • Leodis Grid in partnership with the Leodis Community Project and Leeds City Council.
  • The GTT Lab working in partnership with Health for All.

The organisation has improved its volunteer recruitment process and been able to attract people with skills that increase capacity as well as develop systems to improve efficiency using technology.

As a result GTT has started managing its student data online giving instance access to performance reports for the Board of Directors and Community Partners.

Developing the GTT Academy

The GTT Academy has now increased the range of courses offered. Working with new Community Partners the scope of training offer has widened to include programmes that are of interest to individuals involved businesses and organisations.

Digital Inclusion Projects:

  • The Stoke Association – Introduction to Technology for people with disabilities or recovering from a Stroke
  • Neruka’s Soup Kitchen – Creating a community digital point and introduction to technology course
  • Health for All – Induction to technology for people with learning difficulties
  • Belle Isle Love Where You Live – Building and maintaining a community participation website

Business start up and organisational development:

  • Kirklees Libraries – Digital marketing, e-commerce, publicity and digital image courses using technology

Technology hardware and software engineering basics:

  • Electrical safety with Legard Consulting
  • PAT testing with Legard Consulting
  • Metal Bashers (test, fix and upcycling technology skills) pilot programme funded by the Leeds Fund in partnership with New Wortley Community Centre, Fix-IT Co-operative and Leeds Community Foundation.

GTT development

The company has produced its first business plan and has refined it digital access point model so that it can be replicated in other areas where there is a community need.

GTT has been successful in securing funding from Awards for All to develop the Leodis Grid Digital Access Point and pilot a new volunteer development programme.

The Metal Bashers pilot programme was a success in terms of engaging learners, and developing an on-going relationship with the Fix-It Co-operative. The project has been excellent in inspiring others to get involved in this unique programme either by volunteering, provide donation of redundant technology or offering support to purchase or sell recycled technology products made by students and volunteers. GTT is actively seeking partners and funders to develop this pilot into a school offering courses each academic year.

Going forward into the next Academic Year 2017-2018

GTT has produced its first Academy Curriculum document for the year going forward and has three recognised Digital Access Points that are bases of operation.

A new volunteer programme that is aiming to increase capacity and make the organisation more effective.

The School of Metal Bashers is already recruiting Students and Volunteers and making products to sell and is continuing to seek Community Partners that can upscale operations so that they can become sustainable.

GTT is confident it can aim at steady continued growth to ensure sustainable future. One of the key challenges ahead is to find a secure home for the GTT Academy in the longer term.

Annual Report 2016

Download our annual report for 2016 here:



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