Values, Vision and Mission

Our Values

Our values are participate, learn, achieve and innovate.

To be a learning organization does not necessarily mean formal accredited learning, we believe that learning happens in variety of different contexts and in engaging difficult to reach groups learning is often a consequence of experimentation, activities or problem solving. Primarily activities have to be engaging and fun to encourage maximum participation so that learn can take place.

If individuals to commit to participation they learn building their confidence and skills.

Recognition of achievement is equally important in our organization has it is to the individuals and organizations we intend to work with. Celebration and recognizing achievements, aiming to inspire and innovate is essential to keep motivated to continue our mission.


Our Vision

Technology is always changing and we all struggle to keep up, Get Technology Together has role in help individuals and organizations break down the barriers that prevent people getting the maximum benefit from their technology.

Our vision is to become a learning organization working with people and organizations that are prepared to invest in themselves to meet this challenge.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals and organizations gain expertise, practical skills and confidence in acquiring and using technology in our daily lives.

Promoting beneficial opportunities that investment into people and technology can bring is an integral part of our mission. Demonstrating how technology can provide effective solutions to daily problems and tasks.

Get Technology Together is a learning organization by exploring and experimenting with practical applications of emergent technologies.


2 thoughts on “Values, Vision and Mission

  1. Fair point, GTT hasn’t been able to get any funding to put on any events yet, but have helped other organisations provide classes in Leeds. Let’s hope more partners come forward to help.


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