Most of us are unaware of how the internet works we use and trust our technology to do the daily things we need when we need it. Beneath the surface there a servers, cables, wireless transceivers, software, and people keeping it all running. For Internet Service Providers (ISPs) reliability and safety are paramount to maintain customer confidence.

Vast numbers of people are involved in keeping up with criminals and other that are continuing to exploit vulnerabilities to financial or political gains. Being vigilant against cybercrime is like continual cold war between good and evil trying to outsmart the opposition.

Recently the news released information about weapon grade security tools being harvested by unknown criminals. This week the US Government security have announced that state agencies have been hacked using SolarWinds Orion network hacking tools.

Cybercrime Prevention Hour

The GTT Cybercrime Prevention Hour were able to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes with guest speaker Iain Currie from BT.

A recording of the event is now available on the GTT You Tube Channel to be used as learning resource for our students.

If you would like to join a Cybercrime Vigilance project and attend one of our monthly workshops, please visit the GTT website project page and book your workshop place via the Eventbrite weblink.

BBC Website References:

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