GTT launched the Cybercrime Vigilance project with the support of the West Yorkshire Police Community Safety Fund. GTT hosts regular monthly workshops to discuss, share information, and learn about cybercrime prevention. It is a continual challenge for everyone as new technology develops.

The aims of the GTT Cybercrime Prevention Hour workshops will explore and collaborate to develop on going shared resources. GTT encourages everyone to Participate, Learn, Achieve, and Innovate together

  • What is Cybercrime? How do we identify cybercrime risks?
  • What impact does cybercrime have on victims?
  • Looking statistics and unreported crime, how common is cybercrime?
  • The fear of crime – how safe do we feel?
  • Managing behaviours and risk – How do I use my technology?
  • Review my risk controls – what I am doing? is it good enough? What should I be doing?
  • Training in good practice and developing good habits

It is free to join the workshop book a place by contacting GTT or via Event Brite.

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