Exciting new Project from GTT this summer


What is GTT:LAB?
The LAB is the collective name for a number of projects which will mainly be based in Beeston, but also will extend out to other parts of Leeds.

Who is the Lab for?
Across the whole area there are numbers of enthusiasts who ‘dabble’ in the Computer Sciences, e.g., coding, building. This project is to bring out those enthusiasts, bring them together with others who have little or no knowledge who want to learn in an environment which is based on modern technology, supported by organisations and professionals. The Lab will provide facilities for people from all parts of the community; those who just want to improve their knowledge, those who want to learn and gain skills to help find work, those who need an activity, make friends with like-minded ideas, have creative designs and ideas, but have no facility to implement them.

Examples of some groups who may use and benefit from GTT:LAB
• Beginners who want to learn, build and code programmes
• Enthusiasts who have had some previous experience before and want to expand, update or hone their knowledge & skills
• People who want to meet and work with others who are like minded
• People who want to learn some new skills, for job seeking or a change in their existing job role
• Young people who want to learn and develop skills which are not normally taught elsewhere
• High School Teachers and Technicians who want to learn & develop themselves and understand more to use in their class
• The older person (ex Spectrum & BBC Model B) who wants to go back to the roots of their software experience
• People who want an activity to stimulate their minds, meet new friends and socialise

Benefits to the Community:
One aim of this project is to bring together people, experienced and beginners alike who would not normally meet, or have the facility, space or knowledge to take part in this type of activity within their own day to day lives. Improve chances of finding work, gain new skills.

Combating Social Isolation:
It is to bring together people who would be socially isolated out to an environment where they can participate, learn, stimulate their minds, meet new people and also share knowledge and experience.

What are the activities within GTT:LAB?

Inside Windows:
Exploring the inside of Windows 7 & 10
Using the Command Line
Understanding and mastering the Registry
Identifying hints, tips and tools to assist users
Disc Drive Forensics, Disc Drive Recovery
Exploring and setting up Internet browsers

Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry PiUnderstanding the Raspberry Pi, developing ideas, applications and interfaces with the outside world using Piversion 3 and implementing them practically using the Pi ZERO.


BBC Micro:Bit:

MICRO BITUnderstanding the MICRO:BIT device, developing applications, interfacing and implementing practically. Learning and understanding the various coding languages which are available.




Metal Bashers:

Metal Bashers
Understanding the inner workings of computers & tech, restoring, repairing and re-configuring redundant equipment and hardware. Recovering data from redundant disc drives.


Linux Operating Systems:

Linux Operating Systems
• Understanding the Linux OS, installing on redundant equipment: Getting to know and how to use the various flavours of Linux

• Exploring, installing and using the various Open Source pieces of software, eg, Mozilla, Open Office,

Android Application Development:

Android Application DevelopmentDeveloping apps for Android phones, exploring useful applications for everyday life and putting them into practice, linking to the other LAB projects

Android Application Development 1


3D Printing:

3D Printing
Opportunity to gain valuable experience and learning how to design using the various software packages and create practical items using a 3D printer. Understanding how the printer works, maintenance, specifications and how it can be used in everyday life. Designing and creating bespoke enclosures for the LAB’s other projects


Basic Electronics:

Basic Electronics
Underpinning all these activities are basic instruction in electronics and building using hand tools, learning how to use soldering iron in a safe environment, use of test equipment, fault finding techniques

Where is ?
The Lab is a virtual area, with no one specific physical location, however, most of the activity will we taking place in the Digital Media Room at ‘Springboard’ a community facility co-located at Cockburn High School, in Beeston and other taking place at GTT Headquarters based at New Wortley Community Centre, in Tong Road. Currently the Metal Bashers will take place at New Wortley while all the other activities are being undertaken at Springboard. Other locations are being looked at currently, but nothing finalised.

How will the LAB operate?
Weekly LAB sessions will be organised, day & time are yet to be decided, each new member will go through an induction which will include safety measures before commencing any activities.

The LAB will have a Project Manager and each activity or workstream will have a leader to co-ordinate the various activities. The leaders are appointed by the Project Manager on the basis of existing skills and knowledge of the activity in question to enable the right amount of support to the activities.

Members can work together on one of the sample projects and use these to gain experience and knowledge, or, if feasible and there are enough resources, members can create their own projects on the understanding that this LAB is a co-operative and participative and knowledge must be shared.

Some Sample Projects but not limited to:
Raspberry Pi:
Home Cloud Drive, Auto Hydroponics Watering System, Time-lapse Camera for Plants, Covert Wildlife Camera System. Car Dash-Cam Linux:
Installing MINT & Ubuntu onto PC’s for use in the Lab.
Metal Bashers:
Repairing and reconfiguring donated PC’s for use in the lab.
Android Apps:
Create a database for members with a logging in and out bar code scan facility Micro Bit:
Create a Fish Pond Feeder System, Pond lighting controller with auto adjust timing and daylight sensor system 3D Printing:
Develop and create parts for repairs which are not readily available or expensive to buy, create enclosures for some of the Pi Projects

Sponsors, supporters and partners Health for All
• Logistical support is being provided by o Springboard & Health for All o New Wortley Community Centre Health for All 1
• Equipment, resources and technical consultancy:
o Ledgard Consulting Ledgard Consulting



Plus, we are also looking for new partners and sponsors who would like to contribute to this new and exclusive project.

To be involved in this great new exciting project, in the first instance: • Email or
• Text or Call 07754 391498 (leave a message if no answer)
• Send a message via the GTT Leeds Facebook Page

Download PDF HERE!


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