The CEO of Leeds City Council, Tom Riordan stressed importance of 100% digital literacy for Leeds and its future economy and success.
Helen Milner CEO from the Tinder Foundation explained a beautifully illustrated info graphic showing various aspects of the digital divide, I had found this on the web a few weeks ago and decided to use it in one of my classes and circulated to my colleagues in GTT who would cherish such a gift. Helen stressed the importance of digital literacy for growth of the economy and the potential economic benefits individuals could obtain.WP_20160523_09_33_37_Pro
Victoria Betton from mHabitat discussed the barrier achieving digital literacy. This picture was familiar to all of us working in technology training in the community.
Mick Ward, Head of Commissioning for Adult Social Care at Leeds City Council. – Almost 50% of people with disabilities are not engaged in technology and yet they have potential greatest benefits. Sensors technology allowing friends and family to help in a more responsive way when help is needed.
Using of public data using information mapping tool to publicise offers was discussed by Dylan Roberts Chief Digital Officer at Leeds City Council.

Breakout sessions formulated ideas for the city’s priorities, allowed participate to vote on priorities and offer ideas for plans and contributions.

Found the GTT own experience of digital inclusion work was not different from our own and organisations were need in time to energise and rethink some of the digital training activities that were targeted towards interests and themes yet did sacrifice some of the under pinning knowledge required to be digitally literate and there considerable interest in affordable recycled technology ideas being promoted with our “Metal Bashers” project.

An excellent event where we all participated, networked and learned something, I was particularly interested in the other activities of the ODI Leeds and future technological events aimed at exploiting public datasets. This is something that most third sector would struggle with and to be able to target and tailor interventions and services, it is worth us all involve in the community side of this work to take time out to collaborate and to achieve and gain a useful output, tool or application.


Vic Berry, Get Technology Together.

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